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Facebook etiqueta a medios ‘controlados por el Estado’ y China revira




5 de junio 2020 | 2:47 pm

Facebook comenzó a etiquetar el contenido de medios de comunicación que “están bajo control estatal”, promulgando una política que la red social anunció por primera vez en octubre. 

Las páginas y publicaciones de al menos 18 medios, entre ellos Rusia Today, People’s Daily de China y Press TV de Irán, avisan a los usuarios que son medios bajo control del Estado, según NPR.

Ante esto, China acusó a la red social de tener ‘prejuicios ideológicos’ e instó a que trate equitativamente a la prensa extranjera en Estados Unidos.

Esperamos que la red social abandone sus prejuicios ideológicos,

dijo este viernes el portavoz del ministerio chino de Asuntos Exteriores, Geng Shuang.

China cuenta con numerosos medios de comunicación que responden directamente a las directivas del Partido Comunista (PCC) en el poder, como la agencia Xinhua, la televisión CCTV o incluso el periódico en inglés China Daily.

El anuncio de la red social se produce en un momento en que las relaciones entre Pekín y Washington se han deteriorado.

Los dos gobiernos han expulsado a periodistas del otro país y el tono subió sobre numerosos temas, desde la epidemia de COVID-19 hasta los derechos humanos, pasando por Hong Kong y las aerolíneas.

¿A qué responde la medida de Facebook?

La compañía fundada por Mark Zuckerberg ha desarrollado una serie de medidas a fin de proteger la elección presidencial de 2020 en Estados Unidos de las injerencias extranjeras.

Esto, luego de las supuestas operaciones de manipulación durante las elecciones presidenciales de 2016, principalmente orquestadas desde Rusia.

Dichas medidas se están desplegando gradualmente desde 2018 para luchar contra las cuentas falsas y la desinformación.

La gente debe saber si la información que lee proviene de una publicación que puede estar bajo la influencia de un gobierno,

explicó el director de las regulaciones de seguridad cibernética de Facebook, Nathaniel Gleicher.

La acción de la tecnológica se da en el contexto de la criticada decisión de no intervenir ante las publicaciones del presidente Donald Trump en la red social, mientras Twitter ha etiquetado algunos tuits del republicano con advertencias sobre su veracidad o por glorificar la violencia.

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Poll: Are you trying the iOS 14 beta or waiting until the fall?




Apple announced iOS 14 at WWDC 2020 last month with a redesigned home screen and features like widgets, App Library, Car keys, and more. While the developer beta preview has been available since June, Apple released the first public beta of iOS 14 this week. Now we want to know if you’re already trying iOS 14 on your devices or if you decided to wait until the fall.

Every major iOS and iPadOS update first goes through a more restricted testing phase before being available to the public. That’s because beta software is often unstable, and it can cause compatibility issues with third-party apps.

Even so, some users get intrigued to test new versions of iOS before everyone else. This year, iOS 14 stood out for its major changes to the home screen interface, which was nearly the same since the first iPhone in 2007.

For the first time you can add widgets to the home screen and combine them with the app icons. These widgets can be positioned in different ways and in different sizes. There’s also the App Library, a new place to organize all installed apps automatically without having to put them on the home screen.

iOS 14 also brings several new features, and we have already covered some of them here on 9to5Mac. These include changing default email and browser apps, more accessibility options, Car keys, new Translate app, and much more.

The official release of iOS 14 is only expected later this year, so regular users will have to wait longer until they get all these new features. However, with iOS 14 now available to Apple Beta Software Program members, we want to know about you.

Are you already trying iOS 14 on your devices? Or have you decided to wait until the fall? Let us know in the poll below and elaborate down in the comments!

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Cisco’s Webex videoconferencing software now lets you set virtual backgrounds




As it tries to catch up with the popular features offered by some of its younger competitors, Cisco’s Webex has unveiled virtual backgrounds for its videoconferences. Users can either apply a “blur” effect to mask their background or replace with one of Webex’s preset background images.

Zoom, the most popular videoconferencing app of the moment, and rivals Google Meet and Microsoft Teams all allow users to upload their own custom images for background displays.

Webex is one of the oldest players in the videoconferencing space. It was founded in 1995 and acquired by Cisco in 2007 for $3.2 billion. It’s primarily used as a business application and has a focus on companies, rather than personal customers, but has increased the features available on its freemium version during the current surge in demand for remote meetings.

In recent weeks, Google and Microsoft have started to catch up to Zoom; Microsoft has grown its Teams app to 75 million daily active users, the company said in April. And Google said Meet recently surpassed 100 million daily meeting participants.

Like its rivals, Webex has seen a sharp increase in usage during the coronavirus pandemic with more people working and schooling at home. The company said in April it tripled its average number of meeting minutes to 25 billion.

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Google Nest teases that ‘something special’ is coming on Monday




On Thursday, Google officially showed its rumored Nest speaker after the device was inadvertently revealed by a regulatory agency. Google Nest today is back with another tease for “something special,” thought it’s not clear if the two things are related.

At 9 a.m. PT, Google Nest on Twitter and Facebook posted the following tweet with an accompanying video:

Take a deep breath and prepare. Something special is coming this Monday.

The four-second long clip features comedian Fred Armisen in a long, white wig that could be straight out of sketch comedy series Portlandia. I can’t quite make out what he’s mouthing, but we then jump to a side shot of the funny man that reveals he is sitting cross-legged on a stole in a meditation-esque pose that fits the “deep breath” aspect of this teaser.

People are immediately jumping to the conclusion that the “something special” in question is the Nest speaker given how recently that occurred. A one-off hardware announcement is possible, but it would chip away at what could be announced — presumably — in the fall. That said, in the US and Japan, the speakers have received the necessary regulatory approvals to go on sale, while Google could always announce and ship later.

If Monday doesn’t see a hardware announcement, then software is the other possibility. Given the nature of the tease, Google Assistant and Nest devices could be getting some kind of relaxation/meditation feature, while one long shot is an Armisen celebrity Assistant voice. John Legend departed last year leaving Issa Rae.

More about Google Nest:

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