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Huawei ya piensa en el 6G



huawei ya piensa en el 6G supnews

Las redes 5G están en pañales (en México y Latinoamérica ni siquiera) y ya Huawei está pensando en el 6G. Así lo asegura el medio canadiense The Logic en un reporte del que Cnet se hizo eco.


La compañía china, vetada por Estados Unidos bajo la premisa de que representa riesgos para la seguridad del ‘mundo libre’, es la única que parece estar realmente preparada para dejar a la cuarta generación de redes comunicacionales atrás. Aunque mientras esté Donald Trump sentado en la Oficina Oval, la tendrán difícil para alcanzar una posición de dominio global.


UK: No hay razones técnicas para excluir a Huawei del 5G

Apenas estamos empezando a imaginar todo lo que haremos cuando el 5G finalmente esté en nuestras manos. ¿La sexta generación que nos ofrecerá? Se espera que el 6G esté operativo para 2030. Ya veremos.


Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL is currently ‘out of stock’ on the Google Store




At the start of July, Google discontinued the Pixel 3a after inventory ran out on its official store. After announcing its latest mid-range phone on Monday, the flagship Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL is currently out of stock on the Google Store.

As of Wednesday evening, the Pixel 4 is listed as being “Out of stock” in the US store. The config page reflects that status as well for Verizon, Unlocked, and Google Fi units. Google Stores abroad still have the device on sale, but many variants are sold out.

Meanwhile, Google’s MVNO website no longer even lists the Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL. It’s still available at third-party retailers and carriers, but stock is dwindling. We’ve reached out to Google for comment.

With the Pixel 4a not launching in the US until August 20th, this means you cannot buy a Pixel phone directly from Google for the next two weeks. This departure is highly uncharacteristic as the replacement hasn’t been fully detailed yet, much less available for purchase. Last year’s flagship is usually available (and heavily discounted) for several months after the new phone launches.

The Pixel 4 ($799+) and Pixel 4 XL ($899+) was announced last October at Made by Google 2019 in New York City. It’s powered by a Snapdragon 855 processor with 6GB of RAM, which was the first time Google increased RAM since launching the Pixel line in 2016, and 64 or 128GB of storage.

The smaller phone has a 5.7-inch display and 2,800 mAh battery that was criticized for being too small given the 90Hz Smooth Display. Meanwhile, the 6.3-inch 4 XL rocks a 3,700 mAh battery.

Another first is the jump to a dual-camera array. The 12.2 MP main sensor is paired with a 16MP telephoto, bucking the trend of other manufacturers opting for wide-angle lenses.

Instead of a standard fingerprint sensor, Google opted for IR-based face unlock that also takes advantage of Soli to speed up detection. This radar sensor has been in development for the past several years, but the Advanced Technology and Projects group finally miniaturized the chip. It is used for hand gestures and turning off the always-on display when you’re not near the Pixel 4.


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Today’s Google Store ‘Daily Special’ is free 2-day shipping on Pixel 4a pre-orders [U]




The “something special” teased by Google over the weekend is a month-long series of deals. Fred Armisen is the face of the Google Store Daily Special with various skits showing off various Assistant devices and how they are helpful.

For the next month, there will be a “Daily Special” on a Made by Google product in the US Google Store. The site’s top navigation adds a new section that previews what’s coming next, while there’s free two-day shipping by entering this code — GOOGLESTORE2DAY — at checkout.

The company is partnering with Fred Armisen of Saturday Night Live, Portlandia, and Documentary Now! fame. The comedian plays all the characters in this series with funny voices, costumes, and elaborate wigs. Each product has an angle with the Nest Mini being called “The Nest Meditation Guru.”

We’ll be keeping a running list of all the deals, so be sure to follow and bookmark this page:

Wednesday, August 5: Pixel 4a

The eighteenth Daily Special calls the Pixel 4a a “Call You Backer.” In terms of a deal, like on Monday, you can get free two-day shipping when pre-ordering by entering “GOOGLESTORE2DAY” at checkout.

Tuesday, August 4: Nest Hub + Mini

Google’s seventeenth Daily Special nets you $30 off a Nest Hub ($89.99) and Nest Mini ($49). At $108.99 instead of $138.99, this Family Megaphone highlights the popular Broadcast feature. It’s available until August 10th.

Monday, August 3: Pixel 4a

The sixteenth Daily Special calls the Pixel 4a a “Portrait Machine.” In terms of a deal, you can take advantage of free two-day shipping when pre-ordering by entering the “GOOGLESTORE2DAY” promo code at checkout.

Friday, July 31: Nest Hub Max + Hub

The Google Store is ending this week how it started: $65 off a Nest Hub Max ($229) and regular Hub ($89.99). At $253.99 instead of $318.99, this fifteenth Daily Special is now a “HairDo Doer.”

Thursday, July 30: Nest Mini (again x2)

The fourteenth Daily Special is actually just the first and the tenth: $20 off a Nest Mini 2-pack. This is the third repeat with buyers only paying $78 (instead of $98) until August 5. Google calls it the “Homework Helper.”

Wednesday, July 29: Nest Hub Max + Wifi + Chromecast

The thirteenth Google Store Daily Special is a big Nest Hub Max ($229), Nest Wifi router and point ($269), and Chromecast bundle ($29.99). Buying all three saves you $100 at $427.99 instead of $527.99. The focus is actually on the streaming dongle, with the “Yoga Challenger” available until August 4.

Tuesday, July 28: Nest Hello

Last month, the Google Store integrated paying and scheduling for professional Nest installations during the standard checkout process. The twelfth Daily Special discounts the “professional installation by pros from the Handy network.” Instead of $99, you save $50, though the Nest Hello is still $229. The video doorbell is referred to as a “Fresh Duds Delivery Notifier,” and available until August 3.

Monday, July 27: Nest Hub Max + Hub

The eleventh Daily Special saves you $65 when buying a Nest Hub Max ($229) and regular Hub ($89.99). At $253.99 instead of $318.99, this is the “Throwback Machine” with Google Photos making for a digital picture frame.

Friday, July 24: Nest Mini (again)

The tenth Daily Special is actually just the first: $20 off a Nest Mini 2-pack. This is the third repeat with buyers only paying $78 (instead of $98) until August 5. Google calls it the “Happy Place Playlist Player” and prominently touts Spotify integration.

Thursday, July 23: Nest Wifi + Hub (again)

The ninth Daily Special is just the third (from last Wednesday): a Nest Wifi router and point ($269) with Nest Hub ($89.99) bundle that’s $60 off. At $298.99 instead of $358.99, the Wi-Fi unit is now billed as a “Multitask Master” until July 29.

Wednesday, July 22: Nest Hub Max + Wifi

Hot off Netflix support rolling out to Nest Hubs, the eight Daily Special is $85 off a Nest Hub Max ($229) and Nest Wifi router and point ($269) bundle. At $413 instead of $498, this is the “Baker Buddy” and available until July 28.

Tuesday, July 21: Nest Thermostat w/ Nest Mini

The seventh Daily Special nets you a free Nest Mini when buying a 3rd-gen Nest Learning Thermostat. There is no direct discount on the $249 unit, but you do get a $49 smart speaker for free. This “Climate Acclimator” — until July 27 — is available in seven finishes: Stainless Steel, Mirror Black, Brass, Polished Steel, White, Black, and Copper.

Monday, July 20: Chromecast + Nest Mini

After a weekend pause, the sixth Daily Special is $15 off a Nest Mini ($49) and the — recently discounted — 3rd-generation Chromecast ($29.99) available in Chalk or Charcoal. At $63.99 instead of $78.99, this bundle is known as the “Guilty Pleasure Player.” It will be available until July 26.

Friday, July 17: Nest Hub Max (again)

The fifth Daily Special is actually identical to the second. Google is again advertising — with a new tagline: “What Day is It Reminder” — $75 off a Nest Hub Max 2-pack at $383 instead of $458. Like the Tuesday deal, it will be available until July 23 with no extension as of yet.

Thursday, July 16: Nest Hello + Hub

The fourth Daily Special is $50 off a Nest Hello ($229) and Nest Hub bundle ($89.99). At $268.99 instead of $318.99, Google is calling the video doorbell a “Delivery Greeter” in a rather funny skit. The offer is available until July 22.

Wednesday, July 15: Nest Wifi + Hub

The third Daily Special is $60 off a bundle that includes a Nest Wifi router and point ($269), as well as Nest Hub ($89.99). At $298.99 instead of $358.99, the Wi-Fi unit is billed as a “Workspace Expander” to “take your next meeting from any spot in the house.”

The Nest Wifi point, available in Snow, Mist, or Sand, doubles as a smart speaker, while the 7-inch Smart Display comes in four colors. This deal ends on July 21.

Tuesday, July 14: Nest Hub Max

The second Daily Special is $75 off a Nest Hub Max 2-pack that’s normally $458. At $383, it’s being billed as a “Grandpa Teleporter” given the built-in Nest Cam for video conferencing. This deal ends on July 23 at 11:59 p.m. PT.

The 10-inch Smart Display was announced last year at I/O 2019, but did not launch until September. Besides the bigger screen for watching videos and TV, there are stereo speakers and a 3-inch woofer. The camera comes as Google just launched Duo and Meet group calls, while it doubles as a security camera and has Face Match verification for a more personal Assistant experience.

Monday, July 13: Nest Mini

The first Daily Special on the Google Store is $20 off a Nest Mini 2-pack. Normally $98, it will cost $78 until Sunday, July 19 at 11:59 p.m. PT. As of midnight Pacific, the deal can be manually purchased by adding two to your cart, and it’s also listed on the Mini’s product page with a special URL:

Announced at Made by Google 2019, this is the company’s newest Nest product. It looks identical to the first-generation, but touts 2x stronger bass from a 40 mm driver and “improved voice recognition” with 3 far-field microphones. It’s powered by a quad-core 64-bit ARM CPU at 1.4 GHz and a “high-performance ML hardware engine” for more on-device processing.

As you approach, the LEDs automatically turn on to show the volume, while the Nest Mini can be mounted on the wall with an integrated mount/groove on the underside. As part of an environmental push, the fabric cover — available in Chalk (gray), Sky (Blue), Coral (orange), and Charcoal (black) — is made of recycled plastic bottles.

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Google resumes human review of Assistant audio, requires opt-in for ‘recordings’




Last summer, Amazon, Apple, and Google were criticized for not properly disclosing how human reviewers analyze audio snippets from each of their assistants. Google in response paused the practice for Assistant and other products, but is now resuming and making audio recordings entirely opt-in.

As noted by The Verge, Google is sending out a somewhat confusing email about how it “recently updated settings for voice and audio recordings.” The crux is how the company is having human reviewers analyze audio snippets again.

This process — which involves listening, transcribing, and annotating — improves Google’s speech recognition technology, and helps expand support to more languages. As of last year, only 0.2 percent of all snippets are reviewed by humans.

These language experts review and transcribe a small set of queries to help us better understand those languages. This is a critical part of the process of building speech technology, and is necessary to creating products like the Google Assistant. 

In restarting the program, Google “turned [the audio recordings setting] off for you until you are able to review the updated information.” This happened earlier in the week and the email serves as an advisory.

As a result, visiting will no longer let users listen to audio of their commands. You just see the text transcript, while Google notes how there is “no impact to your previously saved audio data.” 

L: Before opt-in | R: After opt-in

The settings page to enable/disable has a short video recapping the how and why. Tapping the button underneath to enable presents another explainer, with “I agree” in the bottom-right corner.

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Check out 9to5Google on YouTube for more news:

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